I am Getting a “The Package could not be installed. The Theme is missing Style.css” error. What to do?

To resolve this error, kindly Unzip the File you have downloaded from GPLBLOG and Find the installation .zip file inside the archive & use it for installation in WordPress.

I made Payment successfully but Download Link is Not available.

It typically takes us 30 minutes to process the order. A download link will be available within 30 minutes of your Payment in the download section of Your account dashboard.

What is Purchase Proof?

A purchase proof is a Screenshot of our account on the original Developer’s Website (ie. Themeforest mostly) to validate that we have purchased these themes & Plugins from Official developers. it’s a guarantee that you will receive an original & safe product.

Will the Downloaded Product work exactly like the Product from the original developer work?

Yes, unlike other Websites, GPLBLOG Purchases these Products directly from the original Developers. it means that all our products are gonna work just like the product if you buy from a developer.